Swachh Baharat

Albert Hall, the next stop for painting the mobile toilet

Jaipur, Rajasthan: The campaign to paint the mobile toilets, which started from the Statue Circle, has reached its next level. On 18th May, to commemorate the World Museum Day, work of creating artwork has been started in front of the Albert Hall Museum and the second painting will be completed in the next two days. On May 12, Jaipur Municipal Corporation and Cartist initiated this unique art event of spreading the artful vibes in the city by creating artworks on the portable toilets. In this initiative, 10 such toilets will be painted at many other places of the city in the coming times and each painting will be based on a unique art theme. The purpose of this art activity is to spread the message of cleanliness in Jaipur.

Through this, Jaipur Municipal Corporation and Cartist is trying to prevent the contamination of waste caused due to open defecation in the environment. The theme selected for Albert Hall is Puppet art. This is a traditional art form of Rajasthan, which is dying a slow death in modern times. According to the owner of Cartist, Himanshu Jangid, "Puppet Art is the reflection of the richness of Rajasthan. Being associated with art, we want to preserve our heritage and we consider it as our duty to introduce our culture to the coming generations. Paintings on the same theme were created at the Gandhi Nagar Railway Station, which was appreciated by all and ensured that the cleanliness is maintained in the premises of the railway station.” Jaipur Mayor Ashok Lahoti has asked art enthusiasts to come and support the cause by encouraging the artists working on the mobile toilets. They can join the campaign by creating artworks on the canvas on clean India theme and selected artworks will be displayed at Jaipur Municipal Corporation Office and at many other places of the city.

Few art school students created paintings on the canvas at statue circle as well.
The main attractions were “Live sketch of the Statue Circle( in which some cleaning workers are engaged in cleaning the area), painting in a different style of Mahatma Gandhi (who had given the message of keeping the country clean years ago) , the Poster of Akshay Kumar's upcoming movie based on toilet, etc. The task of painting the toilets in the colors of the art was completed on Tuesday at statue circle. The Blue Pottery theme was worked on here. Cartist is taking this as a small initiative which could bring a big change in the society. Merging art with the mobile toilets is no less than transforming a place of utility which is considered to be filthy into a piece of art.

This would create a change in the attitude of people, making a place for these mobile toilets in the society. A positive effect is being solemnized with the participation of the society. Transgender community also approached Cartist to give their support to the noble cause of “Clean India Initiative”. They showed their willingness to cooperate and participate. In the next painting, some people from the transgender community will be joining the artists to encourage them and will also contribute to the painting work. Before this, their active participation in the art world was seen at the Vivek Vihar Metro station where a wall art based on the Transgender Community was created.